The Medical Education Track was launched in 2023 to train our residents who are passionate about teaching to be well prepared for a career in academic medicine. Through small group discussions, workshops, and hands-on teaching experiences across diverse learning environments, residents in the Med Ed Track gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help them succeed as leaders in medical education.

Med Ed TrackProgram Objectives

At the conclusion of the Medical Education Track, residents will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of major theoretical frameworks in medical education.
  • Learn and apply common teaching, feedback, and coaching techniques across diverse learning environments.
  • Accumulate over 100 hours of hands on teaching experience.
  • Recognize and pursue opportunities for educational innovation, with the option to present at regional or national educational conferences.

Program requirements

  • Satisfactory performance in all ACGME competency domains and Milestones evaluations.
  • Commitment to participating¬†in Med Ed Track activities while on ambulatory week (beyond the AM curriculum didactic time).
  • Participate in Med Ed Track elective rotations (1 or 3 weeks per year depending on PGY level)


  • Didactic sessions on core topics in medical education including those related to learning theory, assessment, feedback, coaching, and curriculum development, among others.
  • Workshops to practice a variety of teaching and feedback techniques.
  • Classroom and bedside teaching involving varying levels of learners and group sizes to teach physical diagnosis, clinical reasoning, or clinical topics.
  • Direct observation and feedback by faculty and peers.
  • Career exploration and mentoring from established leaders in medical education, including meetings with invited guests from outside institutions.