Healthcare Leadership and Management Track


The Healthcare Leadership and Management Firm was borne out of the growing need of a new generation of physicians to be able to address the increasing complexity of our healthcare system and it’s ties to multiple other industries.


Residents meet with leaders in diverse fields including hospital administration, pharmaceuticals, biotech, consulting, and venture capital. Residents in this firm are able to customize electives locally and regionally to explore their interest.  Cost analysis based QI projects and tailored evidence-based medicine educational sessions are held during parts of the ambulatory curriculum.  Residents in this track are responsible for a capstone project in innovation.


Topics covered during the academic year include:

  • Drivers of healthcare expenditures

  • Physician roles in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical costs and affordable medicine

  • Healthcare Consulting

  • Healthcare and Biotech Start Ups & Investments

  • Medical Informatics, IT and Health System Efficiencies

  • Hospital Administration / Path to Chief Medical Officer

Faculty Advisor

Jay Naik, MD